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Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Once burned is the first book of the new series, Night Prince, by Jeaniene Frost, which happens to be a spin-off series of the Night Huntress Series.  This is a series that features vampires, ghouls, and ghosts; oh my!  The Night Huntress Series revolves around the lives of Bones (a British vampire bounty hunter for the undead) and Cat (a vampire half-breed who works for a secret branch of the FBI).  For the preview of the first book in this series, Halfway to the Grave, click here.  The Night Prince Series features a close friend of Bones and Cat…well at least a close friend of Cat, the famous Impaler Vlad Tepesh, just don’t call him Dracula.  Vlad finds himself summoned to the rescue of Leila, a human with very unique abilities after an encounter with a downed power line when she was twelve.  These abilities include a constant current of electricity running through her body that can prove very uncomfortable or deadly to anyone she touches, see a person’s greatest sin, future, or past with the touch of her right hand, and touch an object that contains someone’s essence and see the profound moments that caused it to be left there.  To read the preview of Once Burned, click here. (more…)

Supernatural Born Killers by Casey Daniels

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

This is the ninth book in the Pepper Martin Mystery Series by Casey Daniels about an ex-rich girl named Pepper who is forced to take a job as a tour guide at Garden View Cemetery in Cleveland after her plastic surgeon daddy went to prison for fraud.  What makes this series a mystery?  Ever since she hit her head on the steps of a mausoleum, she sees dead people and they won’t leave her alone until she solves their unfinished business.  For the preview of the first book, Don of the Dead, click here.  For the preview of Supernatural Born Killers, click here. (more…)

Nevermore by James Patterson

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

This is the eighth and final book in the Maximum Ride series about a group of kids that was conceived, lived, and experimented on in a lab they call the “School” till they finally escaped.  What is so special about them?  They are 99% human and have 1 % avian DNA, which shows in their light bone structure, high metabolism, quick reflexes…and oh yeah, their wings.  For the preview for the first book, The Angel Experiment, click here.  For the preview for Nevermore, click here. (more…)