Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

I’m not sure there isn’t a person who hasn’t heard something about Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James whether referring to the book or the movie in production based on the book.  To most people what attracts them to this series is the taboo content of BDSM.  After hearing about this daring series on TV, I read the back of the first book and added it to my list to eventually read.  For a summary of the first book click here.  This series is about an emotionally, and some would say sexually abused, Christian Grey who, because of those reasons, has certain preferences when it comes to his bed partners.  He happens to run into a very innocent Anastasia Steele and she meets his superficial criteria as to what he knows he likes.  Little do the two realize that they are both going to push each others limits with their emotional and physical boundaries which they thought were in terms of black and white, only to discover that sometimes you can enjoy the delicious shades of grey.


After reading it, it was good, but there are a lot of better written books if you want to read something daring.  A similar type of series that I would recommend to read AFTER reading Fifty Shades would be the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day.  The reason I say this is because I feel that the Crossfire series has better character development and a better story line which could discourage some from then reading Fifty Shades.  If you wanted to read something supernatural, then J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series is awesome and one of my personal favorites.  Or if you wanted to take it a little farther then there is always the controversial Anita Black, Vampire Hunter Series by Laurel K. Hamilton who is a writer based out of St. Louis, Mo, which the series also takes place in.


Now don’t get me wrong, because I did enjoy reading this series and dove right into the next book, but for me I just like a little more storyline and character development along with all the “smut,” as my fellow friends and I have come to call it.  J


I felt sorry for Christian and his troubled past and understood why he had hang-ups about certain things, but on the other hand I don’t think I would have it in me to be as patient or as submissive on some of the things that Ana let slide with his behavior and control over everyday things.  I think everyone likes a little direction or authority from the significant other in their lives because it makes them feel safe and takes some pressure off them to always have to be in charge.  This is a familiar concept to a lot of adult females who are the target group for these types of books, and that is why they sell.  The BDSM is probably the main subject of this series as to why it became so wildly popular.  It is easy for the female reading to put herself in place of the seemingly ordinary female role of the book (Ana) and then be taken to that fantasy state that would typically be outside the norm for the reader; perhaps something that they had never even heard of or thought about, which just adds to the whole excitement and “naughty” factor that sends your pulse racing.  Reading books is an acceptable way it indulge in “unacceptable” actions or beliefs.


Overall, I would still read it because it is so popular and taboo at the same time that if you call yourself a loyal book reader of any kind of romance books, it would almost be blasphemy not to.


As to putting this book into a movie, I’m not too sure how I feel about that.  Some books are really good and exciting, but to put them in a movie format is almost taking it too far and ruining this safe non-reality world that can only be accessed through our imagination.  What I guess I am afraid of is people who have not read the book will see this movie, or maybe just the preview, and write it off as some type of porno and then judge all of us who got any enjoyment out of it at all as morally corrupt.  For whatever reason, most people are ashamed to admit that they are a romance reader because that comes with the preconceived idea that the books contain nothing but sex scenes which makes you a pervert.  THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL!  The way that I look at romance books, it is basically a chick flick movie in paper form that is made for adults who are mature enough to not have to cover our eyes when the bedroom scene approaches.  If you are looking for a genre that is mostly sex, then you should look more into “erotica”.  For me, what makes the more intimate scenes so good is the emotion from the story that goes into it.  In fact, that is what my complaint was with this series; that I would have liked a little more story to even out all the bedroom scenes.  For all of these reasons, I am really curious, yet afraid to see how they will air out all of these taboo ideals up on the big screen.

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