Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

Once burned is the first book of the new series, Night Prince, by Jeaniene Frost, which happens to be a spin-off series of the Night Huntress Series.  This is a series that features vampires, ghouls, and ghosts; oh my!  The Night Huntress Series revolves around the lives of Bones (a British vampire bounty hunter for the undead) and Cat (a vampire half-breed who works for a secret branch of the FBI).  For the preview of the first book in this series, Halfway to the Grave, click here.  The Night Prince Series features a close friend of Bones and Cat…well at least a close friend of Cat, the famous Impaler Vlad Tepesh, just don’t call him Dracula.  Vlad finds himself summoned to the rescue of Leila, a human with very unique abilities after an encounter with a downed power line when she was twelve.  These abilities include a constant current of electricity running through her body that can prove very uncomfortable or deadly to anyone she touches, see a person’s greatest sin, future, or past with the touch of her right hand, and touch an object that contains someone’s essence and see the profound moments that caused it to be left there.  To read the preview of Once Burned, click here.

When I first started to read this book, I guess I thought it was going to be like the other side novels Frost has wrote about the friends of Bones and Cat; however, by the end I realized that these two characters are so well developed that they definitely hold their own for their own series.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the side novels in the Night Huntress World, but when reading them you understand that they are just part of the big picture and support the main storyline with Bones and Cat.  Vlad has enough history, reputation, and dare I say arrogance to support a whole different series along with Leila and her abilities that seem to be made to complement his pyrokinesis and mind reading.

Both Vlad and Leila have a troubled past that leaves them with scares on many different levels and they start to realize that they need each other to help overcome and heal.  Like with any story, they have a hard time of trusting each other and letting the other see their emotional scars.

In this book, an enemy of Vlad is trying to kidnap Leila and use her powers to try and predict where Vlad will be so a trap can be set up to finally kill him.  While Vlad and Leila are trying to figure out whom this mysterious puppet master is who is pulling all the strings, they are both trying to deny their true feelings for each other as the sizzling attraction mounts.  Vlad claims that he is incapable of loving another because of his painful past, while Leila is afraid of giving her heart away and not being loved in return.  Will they work it out?  Nothing is definite on the relationship front in this book, so we will have to wait for the next one, Twice Tempted coming out March 19, 2013.  According to Frost, it is completed and sent for the first round of processing that books go through, so hopefully everything will get done to pick it up in stores on that Tuesday!

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