True Blood Season 5 Epis 2&3

I have come to accept that almost nothing in this season is going along with the book.  I am ok with it for the most part, but it leaves me to wonder what main thread they will keep.  Should I dare to try and predict where they are going with certain things, or wait and see what other outrageous conclusion they come to?

First of all, I don’t know what to think about the Bill and Eric duo.  They have never been able to get along in the past and I feel like the writers are stretching this new friendship a little too far.  I understand that they are in a dire situation and that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, yada, yada, yada.  However, I feel like they are losing a lot of the unique character traits that make them who they are.  Where is the all powerful, all knowing, cunning Eric Northman?  Where is the polite, slightly jealous, King Bill Compton?  And why have both of them all of a sudden given up on Sookie because of a single, rational conversation when other, more compelling circumstances in the past never stopped them from competing and perusing her?!

In the books, Pam never created a vampire… that we know of.  So it will be interesting to see this side of her.  The books also created a very different past for Pam.  She was of a noble family and expected to do certain things, when really she wanted to be free and live regardless of what was proper for a young lady.  The series has gone in the complete opposite direction.  She is the owner of a brothel who is tired of it and afraid of facing the future in the life she has chosen.  She forces Eric to change her instead of him stalking her and changing her as he did in the books.  It will be interesting to see how her feelings about her change will affect her overall when it comes to dealing with the fact that she is now a maker and has to take care of a very confused and outraged Tara.  Those two were definite enemies, and now they are forced into a situation where they each have to deal with this very intimate bond they now share.  At the end of the third episode they remind us about this bond when Tara tries to commit suicide by laying in a tanning bed and Pam feels it.  It was too priceless when Pam stops in the middle of counting the deposit and feels Tara’s agony at her attempt of suicide and all she says in a dead pan voice is, “That stupid bitch.”

So what is going on with this wolfpack?  In the books the packmaster was killed in a car wreck and Alcide’s dad competes with another for the position through a series of traditional events that are refereed by an independent third party (Quinn).  While the events in the series are different, they still have a natural flowing feeling to them that doesn’t bother me at all.  I don’t remember if it was mentioned in the books about feeding off the old packmaster, but I have read about it in other series written by different authors.  It is considered a way of honoring the old packmaster and it is a way to carry a part of him with you always.  Sometimes it is believed that you can absorb their strengths and memories into the pack by eating their flesh.  Either way I was not that shocked by it but I can see how others might be.  When Alcide refused to eat from the old packmaster, it was not only an insult, but it was also a declaration to the rest of the pack that he does not agree with how the pack was lead and where it is going.  It makes me wonder how they will get to the point where Alcide does take over the pack and how Sookie will be involved in that role; especially after she confesses that she killed Debbie to Alcide.  With Mr. and Mrs. Pelt sniffing around after their missing daughter, there will deffinately be some tension between Alcide’s sense of honor and Sookie’s sense of self-preservation.

So right after watching her pack and ex-mother-in-law eat pieces of her child’s father, Luna has to go home and deal with the fact that her ex-mother-in-law demands visiting rights with her granddaughter with the blood of her son still on her breath!  Seems like that should be enough, right?  But no, this is also the perfect time for Emma to turn into a werewolf for the first time, which means that Luna will have some hard decisions to make about the welfare of her daughter and if she will be part of a pack or not.

The whole Jason and his old high school teacher kind of threw me in left field.  I guess the only reason why they did that was for him to realize what he is missing in his life and that sex alone can’t fill that.  I think everyone is waiting for Jason to grow up and this was a step in that direction; then Jessica shows up wanting the old Jason while she is high on fairy fumes.  They keep giving us these glimpses of the fairy world, but not much plot as to what they are up to.  There were Sookie’s relatives and the Queen of their world.  Then there was the fairy woman who had a night with Andy; did she get pregnant?  And now this fairy guy and his ‘sisters’ he had to shop for.  Hmmm….

Sookie has not had much air time and I have heard that the reason for this is because Anna is pregnant with twins!  Congrats to Stephen and Anna!  Still, I think that the scene with her and Pam at Fangtasia totally makes up for it!  Pam has been getting on my nerves with her attitude, ego, and her nonchalant responsibilities with Tara, so I was happy that Sookie put her in her place in front of the whole crowd where Pam is trying to acquire the image of Queen Bee.  It makes me wonder what reaction Eric has when he comes back.  Will he be proud of how well Pam maintained the business, will he be amused and see her like a parent see’s their child playing dress up, or will he remind her who is ultimately in charge and who is not?  Also, what will be his reaction to Pam creating Tara without his permission?  Perhaps he will let it slide because it was a request from Sookie, but maybe not.  How will Eric and Bill handle the news that Sookie is starting to get more control of her powers and that she displayed them for everyone to see, totally blowing their cover for lying to keep her safe?  Will they be mad, or start to fight to win her back, or perhaps use her to help them capture Russell?  We will have to watch to find out…

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One Response to “True Blood Season 5 Epis 2&3”

  1. Adam says:

    Them changing Pam’s history, to me, is because they want to show why Pam will eventually turn around and help “raise” Tara as a one of her own. She basically forced Eric to become her maker when he did not want to be. However he took responsibility in his actions and “raised” her. So know she is going to follow her maker’s footsteps and “raise” Tara properly. That is my prediction in this story.

    Sookie telling Alcede the truth about Debbie was a very dumb move on her part. What did she think his reaction would be? However, you and I both know that whenever Debbie’s parents find out, Alcede will protect Sookie from them. He is a one loyal pup when it comes to Sookie ;) As for the packmaster thing, I do not believe that Alcede will become the leader. He didn’t even want to be a part of a pack in the first place. Debbie was the one he begged him to join. Honestly, I believe Debbie’s parents might step in somehow and try to use the pack to kill Sookie… maybe even Alcede. That is my prediction.

    Personally, I do not like Luna after how she treated Sam. He protected her and her daughter and was willing to sacrifice his life for them… and for what… for her to get made when he gives her advice. I laughed when she found out that her daughter is a wolf. KARMA!!! :)

    I agree with you on the Jason growing up. Out of all the characters though, I believe Jason is my favorite. He is innocent and, at the same time, he is FAR from innocent. Deep down, though, he means well.

    Has Eric released Pam? If so, then he should not be angry with her for making Tara into a vampire. Personally, Tara is the one who has been getting on my last nerve for the past couple seasons. She is one minute… hardcore Tara who no body messes with and the next she is helpless Tara who is always crying. C’mon! Your either hardcore or your not. Sookie, Jason, Sam, Pam etc all always uphold their mentality and attitude even in the face of danger. Not Tara though and it’s annoying. Maybe her being a Vampire will let her always be hardcore and then I will finally like Tara’s character.

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