True Blood Season 5 Premiere

Last night was the season 5 premiere of True Blood based on the Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris. If you have never heard of this series or HBO show, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! I have been a religious TB fan since I was introduced to it by a roomie at the start of season 2. At the time, I was soo rooting for Bill and just thought Eric looked weird (bad scraggly wig and not much screen time for him those seasons). Shortly after that, I diligently read the books and totally turned team Eric. The first season followed really closely with the books, at times even using direct quotes. As the show has become more popular and the seasons have progressed, the writers are wandering further and further from the books.

How do I feel about that? Well, I think I am on the fence on that one. The first two seasons I had not read any of the books, so it was all a mystery in trying to figure out where it all was going. After I read the books, I thought I knew exactly what was going to happen and see how closely it matched with my imagination. I was pleasantly surprised when some things were different and disappointed at others, but overall it still had the same story. Some of my friends were really outraged that they changed some things; I was particularly aggravated at how much they were constantly taking away from Eric’s character. They were really building him up as this evil, two-timing guy and giving all the pros to Bill. (I am still miffed on this point, but oh well.) A part of me really wanted the HBO writers to keep it with the book.

I have since watched a different series that followed exactly with the book (Game of Thrones, HBO), and it was exciting to see it all play out how it did in the book. However, after a while it was just too predictable and the story started to lose my level of excitement as it started with. When the second season came, I was expecting the same as the first. For the most part it was, but they would change a couple of subtle things that kept my interest and caused the book readers to talk. Because of this, I have come to appreciate some differences between the book series and the TV series. You have to appreciate them each for what they are and just accept some changes because it would really start to get dull for the readers.

Having said all that let me tell you what I think of the season 5 premiere last night. WHAT THE HECK WAS ALL THAT?! The first thing is who is this Eric? For him to totally disregard the fear coming off Sookie when she was facing Debbie, cleaning and scrubbing Bill’s office, then to start totally making out with his vampire “sister”!! REALLY?! This TV Eric is really loosing points with me and they constantly have Bill there picking them up. Bill is the one that was finally rushing out to Sookie when he got nabbed by the Authority. Wasn’t it Eric that gave the big long speech last season how everyone else in Sookie’s life gave up on her and how he never did? Where is that Eric? Where is the Eric that bought her house and fixed it up, purchased her a new microwave, purchased new gravel for her drive-way (more in the book than TV), was older and better than Bill?

Second: Tara a vampire?! COME ON! I know that Tara doesn’t have that big a part in the book as she does in the show and I like that they have built her up. However, this totally changes everything for that character’s story line potential. Tara HATES vampires! She has had a hard enough life and the one thing she yearns for is to have a “normal” life, to be loved, and to love herself. In the books, she does get mixed up with some vampire action, but she eventually goes on to getting married and having babies. Now there is no chance of that with her becoming the undead, what looks to be a defective undead due to her traumatic turning.

Third: What is this whole thing going on with Steve Newlin? I don’t mind his story line to be a little different (or a lot different) since he is a very minor character overall. Twists with minor character roles are what keep things interesting. It makes me wonder who turned him. Did he get away from her (he says it was a woman) or does she have him on a mission? What kind of trouble is he going to stir up? I knew something was going to go down (or should I say up?) when Jason answered the door naked and Steve checked him out with that look on his face. This will be an interesting, if not brief, twist to the story.

Forth: How much can Lafayette take? With how much this poor guy has taken on over the seasons, would it just have been better to kill him off at the end of season one like the book did? I don’t think so. I LOVE Lafayette and what he brings to the show. Nelsan Ellis is an amazing actor and I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role. What all has he gone through? He grew up with a mother that was a bit out of touch with the world (could be a supernatural cause), had to support himself at a young age without much means, has to constantly keep an eye out for the law due to some of his business dealings, has to keep an eye on his short tempered cousin Tara, is a gay black man living in the south, lost a vampire client that was killed due to his business dealings, was captured and tortured by vampires for dealing vampire blood, got shot in the leg and forced to drink Eric’s blood that now gives him messed up sex dreams, discovers he is a medium for dead spirits, found a guy to love him and accept him just to be possessed and kill him, and now Tara is shot and turned into a messed up vampire! Sheesh Alan Ball, give him a break!!

The other plots are still in the air on my opinion. Like who is this Patrick guy from Terry’s past and what is he talking about? What is going on between Jason and Jessica? What will happen with Hoyt? What will happen to Alcide and the wolf pack? Where will this take Sam next? When is Crystal going to show back up all pregnant and swollen with Jason’s kid? What will come of Andy’s little fling with the fairy in the woods? What is going on with the fairies? What will Russell Edgington do and who helped free him? What is Pam up to? Is Bill still King? I don’t really have a lot of questions regarding Sookie right now because it is too early to tell. We will just have to keep watching and find out.

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  1. Adam says:

    First off, I have not read the books so I cannot compare the books to the show. However, Jen was the one who got me into the show. I came around the third season.

    Second, I am not rooting for Eric nor Bill. I dislike them both. I am rooting for Sookie to get with Alcede. Now he is the right guy for her… loving, warm, compassionate, etc. Vampire Bill and Eric are cold, evil and deceitful characters lol.

    At the end of the forth season, we all witnessed Tara getting shot in the head. My first thought was… oh great, just more heart ache for Lafayette…. and then my second thought was… they are going to turn her into a vampire. So her becoming a vampire was no shock for me. What I didn’t expect was that Pam would be the one turning her.

    The whole Steve Newlin turning gay was just hilarious to me. Didn’t see that one coming. So far though, I believe this season looks better than the second… the second season was just one big horrible orgy… literally.

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